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Called to Follow

It's easy to fall into the routine of going to work, watching TV, and going to bed.  Every day becomes slight variations of the day before.  Rinse and repeat.  Over and over and over. 

Called to Follow describes the exhilaration of seeing lives changed through the power of God, and the struggle with doubt and insecurity that frequently accompanies bold steps of faith.  We will journey from the slums of Kampala to the mud hut villages in northern Uganda.  My first-hand account relates how God accomplished great things in the lives of the people of Uganda.  I experienced internal struggle as my eyes were opened to the meaning and purpose God had for me.  Many people go on mission trips to bring change to those in need.  When I returned from Uganda, I realized it was me who was forever changed by the experience.

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Paul McDonald challenges and equips readers to walk in the fullness of their gifts and talents. You’ll live a better life having read this book.

- Margaret Feinberg, author of Flourish

Many people live in the "I can't" phase, and struggle to find meaning in the day-to-day. Lost. Hopeless. Dreamless. In Called to Follow, Paul shares his struggles with doubt and frustration as he pursued a greater purpose and calling. It's never easy, and not always obvious, but following Jesus one step at a time will unlock greater meaning, adventure, and life than you can imagine.

- Jeremy Cowart, photographer and founder of the Purpose Hotel

A must read for Christians. Called to Follow shares what the Holy Spirit can do when a believer gets serious about spreading the gospel through the slums of Uganda during a medical mission trip. It's heartwarming, thought provoking, and inspiring. As God moves in life-changing ways, the most desperate find peace. 

- Marilyn Benner-Sowyak, writer in television and film

Inspiring, and full of vision.

- Dr. Sam Omara, Uganda

This book speaks to the importance of why missions like Sports Outreach encourage as many as we can to take the step into the unknown, shed the surroundings of their current environment, present themselves as a tool for loving service, still their mind and heart to hear God speak and watch how God allows them to fulfill His purpose in their life.

- Sal Ferlise, CEO Sports Outreach Institute

I believe God has used Paul to challenge us to move past living an "If only" life into one of adventure and purpose through following Him. Read and respond to "Called to Follow" and begin to experience for yourself that there is a difference, a life changing difference, from simply "knowing the path" and "walking the path" with Jesus. 

- Dan Horner, Founding Partner-True Homes and Founder-Mission Uprising

I am delighted to see Paul's continuing journey of faith, as related in this book, as he continues to faithfully follow Jesus, and encourages others to dare to dream in their pursuit of the Lord!

- Dr. Bill Higgins, Field Secretary for Mexico for Westminster Biblical Missions