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The Election is Over.....Now what?

November 10, 2016


I am glad this election is over.  I hope all the inflammatory language, commercials and reporting can go by the wayside and we can move on.  In reality, now is when the hard work begins.


It’s sort of like writing my book.  I finished writing the words months ago, and a satisfied grin spread over my face when I hit the save button.  The hard work of getting the story out of my head was done, and now it was just a matter of tweaking through the drafts.  Coasting, right?


Wrong!  Pieces were cut, rearranged, rewritten and massaged.  It felt like making a quilt (not that I’ve ever done that). The squares are all made; now I have to figure out where they go and sew them all together.  Make it look organized and seamless.  I discovered it's a lot harder than I thought.


I imagine that our next president, Mr. Trump, feels the same way.  After such a vicious and malicious campaign, now the real work begins.  No matter which candidate won on Tuesday, Wednesday promised to be a mess.  It was.  People cried, screamed, protested and burned things.  One side was in a state of shock and grief–it was always going to play out this way.  The problem we face is who we think will do the work.


If we think President-Elect Trump is the answer to the country’s problems, you’ve put your faith in the wrong thing.  If you thought Hillary Clinton would have waved a magic wand and fixed everything, you would be disappointed regardless of the outcome of the election.   Michael Wear on the Catalyst Podcast ( described how the role of religion has decrease the past couple decades.  We now look to our government to fill in the gap.  







Ponder on these words for a minute.  Can’t you see how you, or at least the people around you, have looked to elected officials to fill these roles?


Take care of the poor.   

Protect the helpless.

Judge the wicked.

Defend us from our enemies.

Take care of us when we are sick.

Save us from our problems.


Why do we expect an earthly government to do all these things?  Our complacency grows as we watch the world go to hell around us.  We fail to realize that we are the plan.


We, the Church, are called to act with compassion on the world around us.  We are to be the light of God in a dark place.  And the darker it is, the brighter the Light will shine.  When we look to God for fulfillment of these roles, we realize that He still moves.  He moves through us.


If you see hate in the world, find a way to show love.

If you see oppression, lift up the beaten down.


We are called to love our enemies and bless those who persecute us.  Every person was made in the image of God, and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.  Regardless of color, belief, or political position.


If you are delighted or devastated by the results of this election, we all have work to do.  Reconciliation.  Pointing to the true King of kings, Defender of the orphan and widow, Savior of the world.


The Light shines brightest in dark places.  Our work is to take the Light to those dark places.  How can you shine today?

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