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One More Thing: Back to the Matrix

May 14, 2018



Big vision.  Small steps.


Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Wounds you’ve had for decades won’t be resolved overnight.  Default patterns don’t rewire themselves immediately.  Change is hard.  Don’t get discouraged.


Because discouragement will try to set in.  You might be drowning in busyness and expectation.  You may find yourself frustrated without a real reason.  The freedom and joy that was so palpable now feels distant.  Stolen.


Adventure is harder to find than you thought.  Your beauty isn’t responding how you expected.  And the battle….well, by now, you know the battle is real.


Remember the parable of the soil (Matthew 13).  Seeds of hope were planted at the Outpost.  Do not let the devil steal them.  Refuse to let the pressures and distractions of this world choke them out.  Allow the roots to grow deep into the soil of your heart.


It’s in the dailies.  Every day, choose to chase the wild goose.  Each morning, consecrate your life to follow Jesus.  You’ve got to armor up (Ephesians 6:10-18) and prepare to do battle.


These practices are like the rudder on a ship.  Distractions, storms in this world, will try to knock you off course.  Realignment with God through prayer, worship, and consecration will put you back on the right track.


The enemy won’t give up so easily.  The reward is worth it.  Freedom.  Healing.  Joy.  Life.


It’s time to get your heart back.

Questions to consider


  • How’s your heart?



  • What battles have you faced?



  • Where have you found adventure?



  • What small steps are you taking towards your Beauty?










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