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One More Thing: The Warrior

May 28, 2018



The most important battles are not fought with weapons as we understand them. We do not battle against flesh and blood, but against thoughts, accusations, pressures, and condemnation.  Because of that, we come to realize our place in the trenches and barbed wire.  We wake up in a war zone.


You… Yes, YOU are a warrior! Recognition may be the first step to victory, and as the enemy approaches, it is time to step into your armor and draw your weapon.


No one is asking you - especially not God - to take on your biggest demons and defeat them over night. But God is calling you into a small step towards your destiny…


Develop a deeper relationship with the Father who loves you.  With Jesus, our redeemer and commander of the armies of heaven.  With the Holy Spirit who guides and comforts us in those moments under fire.  You could pick one day a week to read one line of scripture and then meditate on it for 5 minutes, or you could yield to praying for a few quiet moments every morning before leaving to work.  State the truth of God over your life. 


The battle is coming. You can walk with a clank, heavy in armor and weapons.  How will you respond?

Questions to consider


  • Do you see yourself as a warrior?


  • What would it look like for you to take a small step towards arming yourself?


  • How would you act if you felt powerful like a warrior every single day? What would you do different?


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