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The Brother--A Conversation with Patrick Creehan

June 7, 2018

Last week, Paul McDonald, Tommy Nifong, and Patrick Creehan sat down to discuss the importance of having other men involved in your life as you walk the path.  The full conversation is available on the Trailmarker Podcast (found on iTunes, Google Play, and online.)


Paul: The theme of brotherhood has been a theme throughout this study, One More Thing.  In every episode, Back to the Matrix, Warrior, and Free, we talked about the importance of having a partner, a buddy walk the path alongside you.  Patrick, how have you experienced the importance of brotherhood?


Patrick:  I want to make a point here, that it’s a brother, not a sister.  It’s important to walk this path with other men.  I don’t think God designed us to walk alongside a woman in the sense we’re talking about today.  Obviously, He gave us a heart for the Beauty and Eve, but there will be a whole different talk on that.  There’s definitely a place for the woman in the masculine story, to go on the epic adventure with us.  In the context of the conversation today, we’re talking about our relationships with other guys, with other men and walking this path with a band of brothers. 


And it’s been really important to have other men in my life to process this message with, to be able to speak into me and I speak into them, what God is calling us into and calling us away from.  There’s two sides to that.  There’s the side where we’re starting to stray from the path a little bit and need their voice to call us back.  And there’s also me calling other men onto the path, or helping them along it. 


For a long time, especially back in college, I had a really strong group of guys that were with me and helped me on my walk.  We did everything together, even ended up living together in an apartment complex.  We really lived in this community of brothers.  After graduating from college, everyone went their separate ways, and I didn’t really have that for a long time.  For a while, I didn’t think I needed it, didn’t feel the pain of that loss.  I stayed connected in small groups, but didn’t have that close-knit group of guys around me to help me in my masculine journey, my walk with Jesus.  It wasn’t until about five or six years ago that I realized something was missing from my life, and I needed it.  I mourned the loss of my friends from college and asked God to provide some brothers to come alongside me.  He answered that prayer and I’ve been able to have that group of guys around me again since getting involved in Mission Uprising and the Outpost, and it’s been awesome.

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