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One More Thing: The Explorer

June 11, 2018



Adventure isn’t always found in the wilderness.  It doesn’t have to involve killing animals.  You don’t have to hike the Appalachian Trail or kayak down a river to chase the Wild Goose.


Adventure is frontier.  Outside your comfort zone.  A place where your footing is unstable, the path is strange, and the way ahead clouded.   It is about doing things you haven’t done before, trusting God to guard your steps. 


“Adventure in theory is full of excitement and bleeds with passion for life.  But adventure in reality is full of breathless moments, silent nights, and wounds that leaves scars and memories on our hearts.”


- “Cageless Birds,” John David and Melissa Helser


Being an explorer means that you will test yourself, see what you’re made of.  Will you turn back when you suffer a setback, or steady yourself and keep climbing?  There will come a time when you wonder if you can make it to the top.  You look down the side of the mountain at how far you’ve come and think, “Maybe this is far enough.  If I slip now, that’s a long way down.”


Like Cipher, you can cut a deal.  You can be satisfied with the view you have.  Or you can trust your Father who has every bird in the palm of His hand to carry you through the rough spots to whatever He has intended. 


Adventure is calling.  How will you answer?

Questions to consider


  • What makes you come alive as a man?



  • What was an exciting adventure from your youth?  What made it resonate?



  • What are the deep dreams and true desires of your life?  Don’t ask how.  Just ask what.










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