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The Explorer--A Conversation with Scott Wentz

June 12, 2018

Paul McDonald, Tommy Nifong, and Scott Wentz sat down to discuss our identity as an explorer.  We are offered adventure in the invitation to follow Jesus.  How we respond makes all the difference.  The full conversation is available on the Trailmarker Podcast (found on iTunes, Google Play, and online).




Paul: One of the stories Scott tells is about coming down to Charlotte, and if he had known what he was signing up for, maybe he wouldn’t have done that.  I wanted to go back and ask, how did you get drawn into this tale that you got pulled into?


Scott: To sum it up, it was chasing the Wild Goose.  You know, our session on the Explorer is about adventure and being able to explore unfamiliar areas, and travel through things in our lives.  I’m here in Charlotte as a result of walking the path and chasing the Wild Goose.  I know where He is leading me is an adventure, but ultimately the right place.  As I mentioned in the session, it started with a conversation with Dan about him wanting to do something to serve the deep conviction of his heart and do it with people who shared those convictions.  I think when we get those moments in our lives when those things intersect, when God is calling us into a new adventure and it depends on us and our belief, our understanding that it is from the Lord and our willingness to step into that.  That’s what the session of the Explorer is all about.  “Hey, are you willing to stand up and take the first step forward?”  Charlotte was the result of several years of walking the path and becoming secure in my identity and my relationship with the Lord and the fulfillment of the adventure He had placed on my heart.


I love the piece of that quote: “The chances of turning back.”

Paul: Right.  I bet you had a lot of opportunities where you asked, “Do we keep going?”  You feel like, “What have I stepped into?”


Scott:  Oh, yes.  It happens around every turn.  Those opportunities where resistance happens where we can either turn back or continue forward.  And life’s like that, not just with the crucial or critical adventures of our lives, but just in general.  We have things put in front of us and daily have moments where we can turn back or continue on.


Paul:  And you look at the verse (Jeremiah 6:16), “You stand at the crossroads and look for the good ways, the paths that you find rest,” and the people had a chance and they said, “We will not go that way.”  And we all have that opportunity.  We are offered that path.  And we don’t hear about the ones who say, “Nope.  I’m good.  I’m happy with my little story.”


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