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The Lover--A Conversation with Chris Stater

June 19, 2018

Tommy Nifong and Chris Stater discussed how the Royal wedding resonates with women, and how so many of our Beauties have resigned themselves to a life of duty and obligation.  For the full discussion, you can listen to the Trailmarker podcast (found on iTunes, Google Play, and online).  




Tommy:  The Royal wedding received a lot of attention (it was a couple weeks ago now).  One of the things you can’t help but notice that a lot of women were interested in that, and the thought of being treated like a princess or a queen.  The desire our Beauties have to be treated like this, even if they don’t admit it.  They want to diminish it because they don’t receive it or believe it in their lives.  Chris, what are your thoughts about what to do when your Beauty resists being treated or thought of like a princess?


Chris:  First off, full disclosure, I don’t have all the answers when it comes to the Beauty, but I do have perspective from being married for 28 years.  The question to ask about the Royal wedding is, “Why are women drawn to that?  Why are they drawn to watching the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Royal wedding, or any wedding?”  And I asked my wife as I prepared for this conversation, she immediately went to, “It’s a story about love, and it’s Cinderella, and those themes are what makes a woman’s heart come alive.”  It’s watching through real life people the themes we read about or see in movies.  And why are women drawn to that?  Because those themes have been written on their hearts by God.  It speaks directly to who God designed them to be:  beautiful, engaged in the bigger story.  These weddings represent that.


There’s many directions we can take it, and the question is, “What happens when your Beauty resists being treated like this?”  And I think it comes down to the lives they have resigned themselves to, and that’s duty and obligation.  They feel as if they have some level of obligation to their family, their husband, friends, work, and they just feel tired.  And on the other side, they feel lonely and abandoned in their struggle to keep their duty.  They resist the fact that maybe there’s something more.  Because the enemy is after the Daughters of God just as much as he’s after the Sons of God.  I think that’s part of it.  They’re not even aware that there’s something more like that story, in real life, for them.

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